We are in a present world of rapid growth in technology. Businesses the world over are taking the advantages technology has brought. As a business man or organization, if feeling indifferent towards the wind of change is your option, then you may have yourself to blame much later.
I came into this conclusion haven seen what volume of turnover in monetary terms and awareness social media has given to some businesses and organization the world over. To this end, I have highlighted here below 6 good reasons why your business must be present on Social Media.


Research has shown that, most organizations or businesses that have a page or presence on social media are better off than those that are not there. The fact remains that, a page that you created on any of the social media will go viral due to the numbers of visit it will attract when viewed by profile owners. For example, on Face book, any product that has to do with youth, and such product has a page on Face book will surely attract high volume of traffic. The reason is that most profiles on Face book are those of youth.


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The advent of Internet in this millennium has given rise to manifold growth in the economy of the entire world. Hitherto, should you want to do business with an associate in another country? You must make preparation to get to see each other physically. Technology has taken care of that, right in the comfort of your room, or office, you are home conversing with each other and the deal is struck, signed, sealed and delivered.

However, beautiful as this is, there are criminals whose daily activity is study, research and undermine good intentions of businesses the world over.
This article therefore is looking into the effect of the actions of these “Intelligent Criminals” on the global economy. They are so described because of the sophistication they have attained in mastering their nefarious act, which most often is unrivaled.


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There are challenges in the entire world. To say challenges will be very vague and may not convey the mind of the writer of this article. While development is on the daily basis taking place in the developed economies of the world such as United States of America, United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Australia and the likes. There are yet some countries whose citizens are living below poverty level in terms of human development index.
Therefore, this article is taking a look at the effort of some medical personnel, who has taken it upon themselves to make the difference in the life of other less privileged people. These are called “Doctors beyond Borders” or better still Overseas Hospital Volunteers.  This article will look into this in two aspects; the volunteer job itself and vacation time of the volunteers.

  • It is selfless service which these personnel give to the less privilege. They abandon the comfort of their home and families and choose to serve in remote parts of other continents such as Asia, Latin America and some parts of Africa. What they engage in and in collaboration with some local people is the provision of health services which the government cannot adequately or sufficiently provide their people. These doctors expose themselves to high level risk, such as communicable diseases and other environmental hazards. Most often, they unperturbed, but the propelling force is the love of humanity and to save lives. They should be commended for their large heart to serve.


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